(Oh and she had a relationship in 2004 with James Hewitt - Princess Diana’s old alleged lover from the ’90s…! Go Alison, aiming for the big time! Hahahaa she is nothing short of fabulous and sassy. Alison gets what Alison wants in every conceivably charming and convincing way!)

So there’s a lady I work/worked with whose leaving drinks were tonight and I only just found out about an hour ago that she used to be a TV NEWS ANCHOR ON CNN INTERNATIONAL IN AMERICA AND SKY NEWS AND WAS ALSO A HIGH-UP JOURNALIST. EXCUSE ME, but WHEN did this happen?!?! I never ever knew any of this! She never mentioned it!! So not only is she one of the nicest, funniest, sassiest, most people-friendly articulate person I have ever met but she’s a fucking retired professional famous news anchor and journalist and had her own radio show too?! Who would have thought! Definitely goes to show how you should always treat every person with great respect and niceness because you honestly can’t be sure what you don’t know about them or where they’ve come from…! What goes around comes around.

In other news, I honestly have such a big Alison Bell shaped hole in my heart and I’m so upset she’s left and I actually cried on the way home (although I had had 5 drinks… Which is a lot for me!) This is what my life has become and its both wonderful and a little tragic <3

(I just can’t get over the immature ‘Ive been working with a famous well-respected professional for the 2 and a half months and never fucking knew’. It’s so crazy. And so heartwarming because despite that stuff, she’s just one of the most loving, kind, down to earth people and always had time for absolutely everyone, including little old me…! Oh Alison, its been a blast

Writing in my mothers day card, trying to write nice things through gritted teeth -__- Not ideal less than 12 hours after a massive argument…!

Just once in a blue-moon, I loathe my mother for a moment in time:

Friend of a friend I’ve only just met is aggressively flirting with me all evening in a bar/club - not wanting to be a bitch so I’m hoping my body language gives him the hint. Clearly doesn’t take it but I end up leaving anyway to get my train home so that’s the end of that. But you just do not ‘trap’ a girl against the wall, with one of your arms either side and leaning into her, and ask her to give you her number for the third time. As if getting all in her face is going to make you any more appealing?? Nor do you repeatedly ask her out for a drink (a ‘gentlemen’ would graciously accept a ‘lady’ politely turning one down on the first go - or read the body language and carefully placed hints if she wanted to save you some pride or mild embarrassment). Nor do you repeatedly insist she stays or try to grab her arm when she leaves. And you certainly don’t start grabbing her lower waist/top of her arse or kissing her on the cheek without any kind of consent. Call me old fashioned, but just because I’ve dressed up for an evening, it doesn’t make me a free-fall-all take-what-you-can and try-your-luck ‘thing’. In my eyes, any kind of contact that is even remotely a bit sexual should have consent from both parties.

So I come home feeling a bit ‘dirty’ and uncomfortable, having had my personal space repeatedly violated by essentially a stranger, regardless of the fact that on the grand scale of things, next to nothing happened, it doesn’t change how I feel about it all.

So I tell my mum about it on the way home, just because. And she completely takes his side. Tells me I should have felt flattered to have someone ‘attracted’ to me so quickly. Says she doesn’t blame him for at least having a go. Says I’m always so unfairly quick to turn guys down. Says I can’t really blame his actions because he’d obviously only drunk a bit for some ‘Dutch courage’. Says I can’t really blame him because of the way I was dressed (FYI - long sleeve high neck navy lace dress, opaque black tights, clunky dirty biker boots - not exactly ‘asking for it’ clothes).

I just can’t help but feel really hurt and mad that my own mother has decided to take the side of a drunken horny stranger rather than her own daughter. Big deal or absolutely no big deal, taking ‘sides’ like that is basically completely condoning his behaviour, which I personally don’t class as acceptable.

And now I just can’t shake the scumminess feeling off and my mum has basically said I deserve to remain indefinitely single because I don’t give any of these guys a chance - all the guys who ‘ask me out’ do so in the same way. Regardless of their tact (or lack of it…), they’re just not the type of guy I would want to date. Why on earth is she trying to guilt trip me about this?? I just can’t even begin to understand her reasoning. Why should I be made to feel shitty and shamed about not wanting to date guys who I don’t like plus come on really strong? Like them, can she literally not understand that I have the free will to make my own consensual decisions and have them respected, as does every single person on this planet?

Whoops, may have just spent £70 on Etsy necklaces… Happy belated pay-day to meee!

Fun fact of the day: The literal translation of a ‘magic wand’ in Chinese is ‘devil walking staff’ - ‘杖’. And the literal translation of ‘frowning’ in Spanish is ‘eyebrow puckering’ - ‘el entrecejo fruncido’.

I love languages.


HAPPENING NOW [VERY IMPORTANT]: Venezuela’s soldiers are killing their people. The Government is sending their armed gangs to kill them and they have censored all the media in their country, even blocking photos posted on social media sites. They shut down all the cable channels that broadcast news, so they can’t know what’s going on. The people have no source of protection at all. Students are protesting to save their country and their lives at this very moment. All they have are their social networks to get the word out so, PLEASE RE-BLOG THIS AND SPREAD THE WORD. VENEZUELA IS ON THE BRINK OF A CIVIL WAR  AND CLOSE TO BECOMING A FULL COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP. THEIR PEOPLE NEED YOUR HELP. —— Please, this is very important to me, one of my closest friends went to visit family in Venezuela over winter break and they won’t let him come back to Florida. We’re graduating in a few months and it hurts me to know that his baseball career and all of his hard work and dedication to his grades here in the U.S. was all for nothing. Please.


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