THE best pizza I’ve ever had!😻🙏 (at Pizzeria Il Pinsere - Roma)

When “I’m just having one friend back” turns into a full-on 3 hour pre-party with 9 people, swiftly followed by numerous drunken guys immanently smashing their way through the house at 2am. No one thought to warn me because…???

I loathe everything right now and want to chew my arm off in irritated anticipation.

If I wanted to feel like I was in a club and didn’t want to to sleep until 4am, THEN I WOULD HAVE GONE TO A CLUB. 

I wish so much that they’d have to get up at 6am on Monday too, just to feel my pain. Grumble grumble grumble grumble. You have no idea how precious weekend sleep is to keeping my body functioning. I actually fell asleep at work TWICE in the last week. Lack of sleep literally makes me loathe life and everything on this planet.

There will never ever be a Sunday evening where a part of me doesn’t want to curl up and die because it’s Monday the next day and I have to go to work. I literally just want longer than 48 hours each week to sit down and collect my breathe. 2 day weekends are not anywhere long enough to be both productive AND enjoyable!!!! I just want freedom back and to feel like a 20-something and be able to do things for pleasure and RELAXXXX. I kid you not, I am stressed 90% of the time and it’s bloody well taking a toll on my health and well being.

5 months down, 7 more to go.


no matter how many times I see the tank man footage from the Tiananmen Square massacre I am still completely overcome by shivers and goosebumps

A not so famous photo of The Tank Man of Tiananmen Square shows the full scale of events


In 1989, this photo of an anonymous protester halting tanks in Tiananmen Square went around the world


The photograph was taken by Jeff Widener, the day after the Chinese military shut down the student-led protests against the government taking place in the square.

Here’s another photo of the same incident, by Stuart Franklin, which shows the massive scale of the military intervention


The identity, and fate, of the protester remain unclear to this day.

Beyond humbling? Brave? Terrifying? Authoritative? I can’t even think of the right kind of hyperboles. 


The 24th anniversary of the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre.

Fifteen thousand people stood under the pouring rain, sheltered their candles, remembered the tragedy. Victoria Park was flooded and they are all soaked. I am proud to be one of them.

Credits to Mingpao and United Social Press for the amazing shots.

Forgetting can be an act of will, but so can remembering. By staying silent on the events of Tiananmen Square instead of making a case that it was a mistake in the rise of a nation, Party leaders have not succeeded in effacing it from history. They have simply ceded the subject to their opponents.
Evan Osnos on Tiananmen at twenty-five: (via newyorker)